Wednesday, March 7, 2007


My ideas are all based on the fact that what if we were man made objects, what if the very own things that we create are replicas of ourselves.
My wearable body alteration; consist of a trash hanging from different areas and parts of my body. The main idea of my project was to put across to the public eye that YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT and it is what defines you as an individual and as a human being.

When I first had my wearable object on, I thought it would have been an easy concept that would easily be understood by people. As I walked to my desirable location, a random dead garden, which I had found out to be amazing for my project, I came across different people young and old who thought I was a trash collector.

I chose the garden as my desirable location because I wanted it to represent the inside of my body. Since the garden is dead at this time, I decided to use the opportunity to show how eating process food kills and damages the insides of a human body.

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