Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hope Chest 4 Queer Marriages

Because queer marriages are not so much supported in the world today, it has been dominated by the outside culture of society. Gay's are restricted onto what they should or should not do in the public eye; they cannot show their affection nor their desires like everyone else. When John and Rauschenberg split up it affected them and their artistic works.

So having said that I would like to build my ideas on representing a picture that the public eye no longer sees as beautiful but unpleasant.

My ideas right now are everywhere but I would like to build my box in the shape of an eye that will represent the public and inside of the box (evil eye) it would contain the different views and beliefs of society. The fear of balance between men and woman and gender being seen as something natural and gays are trying to cheat nature.

A little history behind The Evil Eye.
The Evil Eye belief centers around the notion that certain people have the ability to cause harm or to destroy one's sexual power. In nowadays society, the Evil Eye represents anything perceived to be out of the ordinary, out of the defined norms.

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