Monday, March 19, 2007

Incident Report

Christopher Coleman, an installation artist, talks about his work as a way of conveying different incidental reports in the form of art. He states that art to him is a question that will make you ask yourself why. Presenting four of his works Collusion, Spatiodynamic (illusion), Modern Times and Projects in Horizon (which he is still working on), Christopher explained the ideas behind his art pieces and what exactly he was trying to represent and show to the outside world.

His first work COLLUSION was an installation of a video of factories polluting the air with smoke but in reverse effect (sucking in all the smoke from the air instead of putting it out there). Christopher indicates that in its original location, the piece is 15feet wide, bigger than a human head and projects for 20 minutes. He states that his idea had to do with the disappearing of hope and the subject itself. The real meaning of collusion is when you are secretly colliding with someone or something else. Christopher explains that we all are playing a big part in everything we are trying to condemn and that we are all secret collaborators. I related to this piece because there were moment were I thought that the pipes were going to suck all the smoke from the air but then it would start again. The sound effect that went along with it was truly amazing. It was the sound of someone breathing underwater or in tank or even in a hospital bed, it gave it more meaning and conveyed an effect that seem like someone is struggling to breathe which is kind of the after effect of pollution.

The second piece ILLUSION dealt with the manipulation of the human eye with space and time. The project (illusion) was created when there was a person present. One thing I liked about it was that it looked never ending but it was actually controlled by the looks of people and the data was created by a person. The third piece, MORDERN TIMES showed the fear and terror that is created by information. Christopher states that the government is one of the organizations that does very well by making or keeping people scared and once a person is scared they will demand security from those very people that ask them to be scared. In this piece he shows the fear that people have of everyday things which we tend to terrorize so that nothing bad would happen. The last art work he showed, which is still under constructed, is called MODE. Christopher claims that the world is constructed by people and we are artificially divided simply by invisible walls. He states that these walls are created just so that one may maintain power in a certain way. His whole idea behind this project is the analyzing of vectors of progress and power, the questioning of management of style and structure and the reassessment of safety currently in place.

Overall, I think that Christopher Coleman’s installation art works were interesting.

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