Monday, May 7, 2007




Ashley Meadows during her presentation talks about how her life has been a world of collection. She states that while going up, her family has been involved in finding and collecting different man made objects which later on became a tradition. Going up with these different collection, Ashley states that the process became a part of her.
In her SMP, she sewed different patterns recognizable and unrecognizable which became a collection itself. Sewing she illustrate as a family tradition in which her mom would always make her dresses. Incorporating such fascinating events into her work, made it much more appealing to the viewer.



Reena Willis Davis talks about her art work as a self portrait. She states that when she was a little girl, she was diagnosed for depression. In her SMP, Reena explains that ever since her diagnosis, everything that she does in life is shaped and constructed by her sickness. She indicates that her sculpture represents her sickness and how she struggles with setting her life straight.
Overall I think her work was amazing. I definitely did not read it the way she interpreted it. When I first saw her project with the red lines I thought it had something to do with how you try to aim for a successful life but you can never get it right.

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