Monday, May 7, 2007


The Mural Arts Program/Education is held in the city of Philadelphia. Mural Arts became known for its name in 1996, but before it was known as Antique Network. The artist states that this piece of art work is all community base and working with or in partnership with communities. She believes that it is a way of giving a voice to the community in order to learn about their culture, history and background etc.
Mural Arts she explains is used for beautification, tool for community engagement, collaboration and many others. One of her biggest and most rewarding projects was one that she did with a group of people who totally transformed a school. This school was called Mckinley. She this piece the courtyard and illustrates the condition of this school before and after the chances had happened. In Philly, she further indicates is a place where there is a lot of poverty, especially in the ghetto and this school was apparently right next to a coke house. The school, she further indicates, was used during the night for a drug spot where people would sell and buy drugs right out on the fence.
The goal of her project as an art education was to give the children new skills, job opportunity and try to engage them in something fun rather than letting them wonder off in the streets. The principle she quotes said that after the project was done it was a transformation from “prison to paradise”.
Another piece of art she showed us that I found interesting was the one made out of tile piles and graphic drawings. She said that her other artistic means to Mural arts is to work with children and they would do a series of paintings and drawings and She would incorporate them in her piece. She states that it is not typical of Mural arts but she likes having children as young as possible to do the work that is going to be on their wall.
Her Mural art painting are done using nova color, which takes time before it fades away, if it does.

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