Monday, April 2, 2007

The topic of My Installation is IMPACT

The title war scares a lot of people in the sense that it makes them uncomfortable to see it or talk about it. While growing up the knowledge of war has been part of my every day history classes. I have not only come o learn about it through the media, but also through relatives and friends that have been victims of this tragic events.

James W. Johnson a contemporary artist is one of the many artist that portrays the issue of war and the different effects it has on nation as a whole. While being primarily a painter, he has produced a large and complex body of work which includes over 1800 unique pieces in a wide variety of mediums such painting, video, drawing, sculpture, etching, digital, mixed media and furniture. James in his line of work shows death in many forms of media. With his video installations James illustrates the war between the U.S and Iraq. He shows the horror of war and how some people do not really care as long as it doesn’t affect them or their loved ones.

One of his many video installations that I got attached to was Horror War. In the video, even though you the viewer cannot really see all of the images, you can hear the sounds that they make. I think that the whole idea behind James work is the blurriness between how we see war and what is really happening. One may not know how war is until they become victims or are affected one way or the other.

To view James Johnson line and work and the piece I peresonally got atracted to visit his website here

Even though James had inspired me to carry out my own installation art piece, my investigations might be different because I’m not only going to demonstrated war in different countries and the problems that our governments tend to create but the impact it has on me as an individual.

My first possibility for this project is to have a heart shaped sculpture with an audio inside it producing a heart beat sound, it will end with a beep noise. This sculpture would be installed in a white space. Also there would be a projection of war images that would portray my feelings. these images would be shown inside a any given space and they would be illustrated on the ceiling of the room/given space.

My second idea is a heart beat coming out of a clock. Instead of have it tick it would be a beat. This clock would be hung anywhere, but most preferably in a long white hall way. Shoes of people from different age groups would be placed in this hall way. Images of war might be hung on the wall.

My last idea is having a video installation that would show the respiration system of individuals dying by the second like (a heart monitor). The lines shown of the wall would go along with the heart beats of the individual watching and listening to it. The noise would end with the white lines going on a straight line and the heart beat or the noise accompying the lines would fade away.

Paying attention to the time that determines when a person dies and how they die is very intense. I would like to show how every beat of a heart represents or is equivalent to every tick of the clock hand.

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