Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Extended and Prosthetic Bodies

Extended and Prosthetic Bodies! This article was the bomb!

I personally think that the different artistic works presented in the article were amazing. They did not only offer the viewer with the satisfaction of the human’s physicality but also illustrated the power of the body and conveyed the significance behind it all.

Each art piece had a different effect and a different meaning to it. The astonishing thing about all of them, was the fact that all contained the question, WHAT IF?
What if the body was made to have everything in two’s? What if I three hands that could do chores simultaneously? What if I was as fully grown but still living in the stomach of my mother? What if?

The first picture that caught my eye was the one by Lygia Clark “The I and the You” 1967. I like it because it kind of reminded me the old saying that a man is made from a woman and the man is suppose to support the woman and create a balance. The umbilical cord indicates that they are connected. Isn’t it strange that this connection comes along way in life; almost everything in this world is connected in one way or the other, almost everything that was naturally created has that balance to it. Man and woman, good and evil, love and hate, light and dark, the list can go on. My main point here is that I think the artist made a good piece by putting across her own ideas, yet leaving space for viewers to make their own. Another was by Egle Rakauskaite “In Honey” 1996. I like this piece because it tells the truth about of all living organisms, their beginnings.

The altering of the human body is an interesting way of making people think twice about their own space internally and externally.

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